Check in for Charity – April 2017

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We started Check-In for Charity to help support the many local charitable organizations that are near and dear to our members. We want to be able to give back and get the entire community involved in the process. Our community is the backbone of O’Hare CrossFit and we are here to support you!

How It Works
Each month we will select a new local charity based on a member recommendation. Members then need to check-in to OCF on Facebook at every visit. We will then donate $1 for every check-in to a different local charity each month. (Donations will be limited to $500 per month)

Charity for April 2017

Member – Michelle Verde

Joseph F. Bronge III Memorial Foundation offering a hand to Law Enforcement Families

This non-for profit charitable organization was was created in remembrance of a dear friend, Joseph Bronge by our life long friends. Joseph Bronge was a Cook County Deputy Sheriff and was always dedicated to helping others. Unfortunately, Joseph Bronge struggled with demons inside him that no one knew about and he committed suicide. Our friends got together with the intent to create a legacy that highlights Joe’s passion of always lending a hand to the unfortunate and increase appreciation for law enforcement officers.

For more information or to recommend a charitable organization, contact Rocio at