Break the Mold

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When I walked into O’Hare Crossfit for the first time and saw all the strong women of different shapes and sizes I was immediately inspired by them (and intimidated).  I had never seen so many “girls” lifting an actual barbell and doing pull-ups, real pull ups. I thought I would be judged by them for not being able to lift ten pound dumbbells or having to do jumping pull-ups off a box.  I could never aspire to look like them or perform any of the movements as they could. My goals were to get in shape and feel better about myself. That was it. I was not going to strive for anything more than that. What would be the point of it? I could only do a limited amount of things and that was it.

Well that attitude didn’t get me very far with my goals.  It also didn’t last long because I decided I wanted that strict pull up.  If I could do that one pull up I would be satisfied. I had to ask for help from the coaches and see how I could increase my strength. I worked on my strength and progressions every day before and after class. It was a struggle.  After a few weeks I surmised that some people had that strength and others did not. I was one of the others.  But I kept on and the glorious day came when I got my strict pull up. Yet, I was not satisfied.  I then wanted to knock out more at a time, I wanted to become more efficient at other movements and then I wanted to learn how to lift with a barbell, and so on.

I’m glad now that I pushed myself at things I thought I could not do.  It has been a difficult yet highly satisfying road for me considering my un-athletic background.  The more I attempted the more I failed but then at some point the goal gets accomplished and there is no better feeling than that.  The best part of this is that the more work I put in towards a skill or weight I had never done before, is that the more in shape I got and the better I felt about myself.  Those were my only goals in the beginning and they have never wavered since then.  Do not be afraid of putting in a little extra work for some skills, even if you think everyone can do it and not you.  Those are the things that change your body and mind.


-Coach Susie