Do you suffer from “Mom Guilt”?

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There is something I struggle with daily. It causes a lot of self- doubt and insecurity. I have mom guilt; and after all these years it has not gone away. I strongly believe that a person must be selfish sometimes and set aside time for themselves to make their health and fitness a priority so they can better serve their family and children. After all It sets a good example and there is a plethora of mental and emotional health benefits to working out.   But what good does it do if you are struggling with the feeling that you are not being the best mom you can be? What if your kids resent the time you spend away? What if people think you’re a negligent mother?  What about all the little moments you miss out on? The overwhelming feeling that your kids must be top priority always can be quite daunting and can be made worse because of cultural and societal expectations.  I still deal with this even though my daughters are teens!   The truth is that those feelings might never go away but you have to remember why you started working out and watching your nutrition to begin with.  I can guarantee being healthy for your children and family is at the top of your priorities.  When you feel the mom guilt know that it is as much for them as it is for you. Being a healthy mom is being a good mom and years from now when you’re still able to enjoy quality time with your much older kids you’ll know that it was worth it.   -Coach Susie

Top 5 Supplements to Consider Taking

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Before I get into vitamins, minerals, and other supplements, let me preface with the fact that supplements should be just that - SUPPLEMENTS!  They should not replace your diet, they cannot fix a broken diet, and they should simply be a beneficial addition.  Although, even with a great, well-balanced diet, there can still be some glaring holes that vitamins and supplements can help with.   So here are my top 5 supplements that I would recommend to most people out there that are weight training and don’t eat organ meats on a regular basis J  
  1. Vitamin D -
For those of us that live in this great city of Chicago, we don’t always experience ‘sunny’ winters.  This means we probably get an inadequate amount of sun, and unfortunately our seafood isn’t the “freshest”.   Seafood and sunshine are two of the only ways to get Vitamin D and it’s an important one!  It helps us absorb calcium, promotes bone growth, and protects against multiple diseases.   Brand: NatureMade Vitamin D3 (eat it with fats) Dosage: 2,000-5,000 IU/day depending on how much seafood you eat!  
  1. Magnesium -
Needed by enzymes in our body for ATP (energy) production.  It helps support your immune system, and it can help you sleep at night!   Brand: LifeExtension Magnesium Dosage 300-500 mg/day  
  1. Vitamin A -
Vitamin A is only found in organ meats, which most of the population don’t eat on a daily basis.  Which means most of us are probably deficient in it and it is an important catalyst for a lot of biochemical processes in the body.  It helps your immune system, reproductivity health, and many other major organs.   Brand: Nature’s Way Vitamin A Dosage: 3,000 - 10,000 IU/day  
  1. Zinc -
Zinc is found in every tissue of the body and is important for cell division, preventing cancer, and maintaining proper hormone levels.   Brand: Garden of Life Raw Zinc Dosage: 15-30mg/day
  1. Whey Protein -
If you are weight training and are consistently breaking down muscle tissue, you need help repairing it.  Whey protein is quickly absorbed, it contains all of the essential amino acids (which are the building blocks of our muscles), and it is easily digestible.  Which is great to take post-workout to bump up that protein intake!   Brand: Driven Nutrition Dosage: 1-2 scoops (post-workout is best for recovery!)       So if you are looking to take your health and body to the next level, consider these.  Even though we work hard, sometimes it’s nice to have a little ‘help’.      

Intensity: Your Limiting Factor

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People have so many types of fitness goals:
Fat loss
Weight loss
Body Composition Changes
Strength Gains (Including Gymnastics) 
Endurance Gains
Anaerobic Threshold 
Now that we have listed out the ideal results we can dive further into the reasons for not achieving them. 
In order to achieve results you need intensity.  
Here is the definition as it pertains to physics - magnitude, as of energy or a force per unit of area, volume,time, etc.
So how is this the reason you are are not getting results? 
You may currently be working with intensity less than 1-2 times per week. I am not saying you should have high intensity workouts every session; however, pushing yourself more often will yield greater results.  Not every session requires maximum intensity; however, not every session requires you to workout within your comfort zone.  You must push out of this zone and get acclimated to the discomfort.  
By NO means do I think you should be at full intensity every session, for that would be a recipe for burnout and injury.  however, choosing two sessions out the week say to allow yourself to have a bit more intensity whether that be loading or speed will help you get your results faster.
If you training is merely a check in the box or a check-in on Facebook, you are in for futile journey. Be present and constantly strive to push your limit at the appropriate time.

OCF Monthly Newsletter – June 2017

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4th of July Hours

Sat/Sun - July 1st/2nd Normal Hours

Monday - July 3rd No 6:30 or 7:30 pm classes (normal schedule otherwise) Tuesday - July 4th 9 am class ONLY! Wednesday - July 5th Normal Hours

Summer Party Date Change

Due to scheduling conflicts, we have changed the date of the boat party!!

We will now be having the boat party on Saturday, July 15th. All of the other details are the same, so if you like to party, make sure you are attending!! Here’s some information and how to sign up!
  • Time: Boat boards at 4:30pm, Sails from 5-7pm
  • Location: Navy Pier (carpool and park in East Garage using door 10)
  • Cost: $95/person (includes dinner, non-alcoholic beverages, and a good time!)
  • How to sign up: Get your name on the sheet at the front desk and bring cash or check payable to O’Hare CrossFit for the $95!

Front Area Renovation Nearly Complete!

Thank you for your patience with our renovations! The front area is nearly complete and we love how it has turned out! Some of the final updates to be made include more cubbies and storage, as well as a new front desk! We hope you like the new set up as much as we do!

Coach Angelo’s 2017 In House Competition Recap

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The 2017 OCF In-House Competition was an amazing weekend.  This past weekend marked the 5th  In-House Competition that we have had.  Each year, I can honestly say they get better and better, and 2017 surely set a new standard for next year.
First, I would like to thank Rocio and Susie for running the entire weekend so smoothly; they kept everyone on time and organized.  They did everything from judging  and scoring to laying out equipment; the weekend could not have taken place without them. Thank you both so much for making this special for us.
To the athletes, I hope you left this weekend with two things running through your minds: I had a great time and grew closer to like minded people, and I allowed competition to push me to further levels of discomfort.  Your potential is limitless and for some moments this weekend I hope you were able to taste that.
A special congratulations to all the podium finishers.  Your hard work before the competition day has proven to be the preparation you needed to excel this past weekend. Keep it up!
Thank you all for such an amazing weekend.  I am still trying to recall all of the special moments that happened. I am so grateful for you all.

This Week at OCF – 6/12

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Summer Party 6/24

This week is the last week to sign up for the BOAT PARTY! We will be venturing out onto Lake Michigan, Saturday June 24th, for drinks, dinner, and dancing! Here are the details:
  • Date: Saturday, June 24th
  • Time: Boat boards at 4:30pm, Sails from 5-7pm
  • Location: Navy Pier (carpool and park in East Garage using door 10)
  • Cost: $95/person (includes dinner, non-alcoholic beverages, and a good time!)
  • How to sign up: Get your name on the sheet at the front desk and bring cash or check payable to O’Hare CrossFit for the $95!

In-House Competition Results

We had SO much fun this weekend competing and we could not be more proud of our members. The 2017 In House Competition will go down as one of the best competitions yet

Here are the final standings and we cannot wait until next year!!!

  1. 1. Ryan Q./Flavia G./Carlos N.
  2. 2. Kevin P./ Neena Z./Frank M.
  3. 3. Angelo S./Dan L./Detty G.
  4. 4. Dave P./Jenn K./Joe C.
  5. 5. Nick C./Lupe G./Mags G.
  6. 6. Becca C./Kevin M./ Cindy Lou
  7. 7. Matt T./Andrea F./David S.
  8. 8. Joe C./Jeff T./Antonio
  9. 9. Ernie M./Ryan R./Ali D.

OCF Shred / Tone Completion Highlights

We are so proud of all of you that took on the OCF Tone and Shred programs! Most of you are nearing the end of your 6-week programs, just in time for summer!

If you are looking for something more to continue on with, consider starting the program over or re-doing it with heavier weights this go around! Great work everyone, hopefully you enjoyed it and are feeling ready for these summer months with less clothing :)

Here are two special OCF ladies that have been taking advantage of the program this spring to get ready for summer!

What to Eat Post-Workout

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So, imagine this: we are in a high-volume, high-intensity week of the cycle and you just finished a grueling workout that had a lot of reps and a lot of weight.  Is the first thought what should I eat to help myself recover?  Well, it should be…   After a workout, our body is depleted of its energy (glycogen aka calories) and our muscles have little micro-tears in them that need repairing!  Guess what helps us repair and recover our body…?  That’s right, CALORIES!  But the right type of calories is going to be more beneficial than just any old combination that you can find.   Your muscles like both proteins and carbohydrates after a workout, so how much of these should we give our body?!   Depending on your weight and your goals: 15-35g of Protein 30-100g of Carbohydrates   Keep fats minimal because fats tend to slow down absorption of carbohydrates and protein to your body aka they slow the process of recovery.  So those beloved Perfect Foods Bars post workout?  Not the best idea…save them for another time in the day.   What types of foods can this be?! Protein Sources - Whey Protein Chicken Breast Low-Fat or Non-Fat Greek Yogurt Fish/Seafood   Carbohydrate Sources - Oats Sweet potatoes or White potatoes White Rice Whole grain bread or bagels Fruits like bananas or apples   Alright, so now when should we be eating this?!   I’m not asking you to bring your plate and fork onto the workout floor and chow down immediately after you finish, BUT the sooner the better.   Within 20 minutes - Try to get something easy to digest and simple in.  This could be your protein shake and a banana or some overnight oats!   Within 2 hours - This is when we’d want to get our next MEAL in.  Stick to again, lean proteins like the ones listed above, and a healthy starch.  Keep fats for the meals away from your workout.   Now you’re equipped to recover in the best way possible!  Fuel your body and it will repay you!   -Coach Becca