Accepting the Ebb & Flow of Motivation

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Feeling motivated and excited about training is a great feeling.  We are engaged, almost in a flow-like state during training; wherein, we are not allowing any exterior distractions into our focus.
Does this myopic focus last forever?
Speaking for myself, I sometimes lose focus and motivation, and I am willing to bet you do as well.
So what do you do when you are feeling the lack of motivation and CrossFit is the last thing you want to do?
The game is about staying the course, trusting the process, and not allowing your negative attitude to grossly impact you.  There will be some days that you feel like you are going through the motions; however, that does not mean progress did not lie in that session or sessions.
Most journeys in life are a test of endurance; fitness is the same.  I’m not taking about endurance of breathing in longer workouts,; I am referring to the endurance of being able to trust the process, and yes, at points suffer to get through them.
If you are going  through this right now, take this as a plea to stay the course, trust the unfolding, and realize it will come back with  your consistency and effort. If you are riding high right now, enjoy it, soak it in, and know you are armed with the knowledge to handle the road ahead.
You must endure; struggle is merely life’s toll.