Lifestyle Nutrition Program

Achieve your Fitness Goals

Accountability is the number one hurdle people face with sticking to a nutrition plan. Even when they know the plan will work!

Lifestyle Nutrition provides both accountability and guidance that’ll keep you on track to finally achieve your fitness goals.

In the program, you’ll have a personal nutrition coach who will create a nutrition plan specific to your goals. When you have specific goals, the path to achieving those goals must be approached in a specific manner.

Lifestyle Nutrition!

A lot of times, people eat healthy, but don't know how much to eat to achieve their goal. This program will layout exactly how much you need to eat each day.

It’ll also help people that have no idea what to eat. Dieting doesn’t have to be restrictive. Lifestyle Nutrition is going to help you fit your diet into your everyday lifestyle.

Unfortunately, we’re not always surrounded by supportive people when it comes to a leading a healthy lifestyle. With Lifestyle Nutrition you’re going to be in touch with your nutrition coach weekly to keep you on track.

The program starts with 3 months, but many choose to go beyond these 3 months in efforts to keep working towards their goals. If you choose to continue the program, after the 3 months you can commit to a month-by-month contract.

However long you decide to commit to, whether it be 3, 6, or 12 months, when you are on your own again, you will understand food better and will have the ability to eat this way for the rest of your life. This is not a short-term crash diet!

Here’s what you get when you sign up for Lifestyle Nutrition

  • A coach to tell you the best possible foods to eat to achieve YOUR specific goal.
  • Accountability from YOUR personal nutrition coach.
  • Exactly how much you should be eating each day.
  • Adjustments each week if necessary to keep you on target to hit your goal.
  • Methods to bust through plateaus if you’ve stopped seeing progress.
  • Support system to keep you motivated!
  • Monthly body-fat screenings using the most up to date technology with our own InBody Scan 270 machine.
  • Knowledge to eat this way the rest of your life.

To register or get more information on Lifestyle Nutrition, fill in the form to the right. One of our Lifestyle Nutrition coaches will give you a call.

Due to the personal attention each member will receive, spots in the program are strictly limited.

- Team O’Hare