Do you wish you could Snatch and Clean & Jerk more weight?

Olympic lifting combines it all: strength, power, skill, balance, coordination, speed and flexibility. That’s why it’s so hard to master. Most people either have the strength but no technique or vice versa. For those starting out, they may need to develop both.

This program does just that. We’ll have you break the snatch and clean and jerk into small components. Known as progressions. You’ll master each piece of the lift so you know your technique is spot on. For example, your coach will have you do drills to learn how to take the bar from the ground to your knee. You’ll do that over and over until you get it perfect! It may seem tedious, but this is what’s necessary to reach your full potential.


Get ready to refine your technique, improve your strength and lift more weight!

Here’s what your 6 week training program includes:

  • Training program to develop the snatch and clean and jerk
  • Initial Baseline Test so we can measure progress
  • A remote coach to guide you through the training
  • 3 workouts each week. These can either supplement or replace your regular training.
  • Fitbot training software to track results of each workout
  • Video explanations from your coach for each movement

Equipment Requirements:


Squat Rack or Jerk Blocks

- Team O’Hare

When you register, your coach will be in touch to get you started.