Strict Pull Up

Develop the Strength to Master the Pull Up

If your looking to achieve your first strict pull up or you simply want to significantly improve your upper body strength, this program is for you.

We’ve teamed with expert Gymnastics Coach, Rupert Egan, to develop a comprehensive program that develops the strength and stability needed to do your first pull up or complete more reps unbroken.

Pull Up

Get ready to build upper body strength, get those back and biceps ripped and excel in your CrossFit workouts!

Here’s what your 6 week training program includes:

  • Training program to develop a STRONG pull up
  • A remote coach to guide you through the training
  • 3 workouts each week. These can either supplement or replace your regular training.
  • Fitbot training software to track results of each workout
  • Video explanations from your coach for each movement
  • Ability to extend the program length for those needing more training time to achieve movements

Equipment Requirements:

Pullup Bar

Low & High Rings (Ring rows etc)


Glute Ham Developer or Back Extension

Ring Thing (optional)


- Team O’Hare

When you register, your coach will be in touch to get you started.