Strict Handstand Push Up

Achieve Perfection in the Ultimate Upper Body Exercise

The handstand pushup is one of the coolest looking movements in CrossFit. But did you also know it’s great for developing upper body strength, shoulder stability and core strength? When done correctly, a strict handstand push up leads to lifting more weight on barbell movements, better posture throughout the day and improved mobility.

Hand Stand Push Up

This program is for anyone looking to perfect their handstand push. Whether you’re trying to get your first one or you’re aim is to be more competitive in workouts, this program builds the fundamental strength you need to knock out more and more reps.

Here’s what your 6 week training program includes:

  • Training program to develop the strength, stability, and balance required for strict and kipping handstand push-ups
  • A remote coach to guide you through the training
  • 3 workouts each week. These can either supplement or replace your regular training.
  • Fitbot training software to track results of each workout
  • Video explanations from your coach for each movement
  • Ability to extend the program length for those needing more training time to achieve movements

Preliminary Skill Requirements:

1. 8 perfect, tight-body push-ups on the floor

2. Ability to hold a handstand against the wall.

Equipment Requirements:

1. Box(es) with varying heights including 16", 20", 24", and 30"

2. Low hanging rings

3. Dumbbells of varying sizes.

4. 2" plates or something to place hands on that are 2" thick.

5. A wall that has at least 15 feet of length to move along.

6. PVC Pipe (thin)

7. An exercise band of a moderate resistance.

8. Low parallettes

- Team O’Hare

When you register, your coach will be in touch to get you started.