Muscle Up

Become Efficient at One of the Toughest Movements in CrossFit

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, the muscle up is the ultimate movement in fitness.

It requires skill, strength and power. But that’s not it. You must combine that with the perfect technique. Only those that combine all this efficiently will achieve their max potential with the muscle up.

Muscle Up

Whether it’s your first muscle up or you want to achieve larger unbroken sets, this program is for you. You’ll train to perform the most efficient muscle up possible by building strength, stability and technique. Learn how to do a muscle up the right way, and watch how your performance improves.

Here’s what your 6 week training program includes:

  • Training program to develop the kipping and strict muscle up
  • A remote coach to guide you through the training
  • 3 workouts each week. These can either supplement or replace your regular training.
  • Fitbot training software to track results of each workout
  • Video explanations from your coach for each movement
  • Ability to extend the program length for those needing more training time to achieve movements

Preliminary Skill Requirements:

1. 1 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-Up

2. 1 Strict Ring Dip with full range of motion

Equipment Requirements:

1. High Rings and Low Rings (high rings high enough to hang from and not have feet touch the ground)

2. Boxes or platforms high enough to support yourself on and not have the feet touch the ground (jerk boxes work well).

3. Exercise bands of differing resistances.

4. Dumbbells of varying sizes.

5. PVC Pipe (thin)

6. Low parallettes

7. Large Physio Exercise Ball

8. Box with varying heights (20-30")

9. Weight plates of varying sizes including 25-45#

- Team O’Hare

When you register, your coach will be in touch to get you started.