9.10.18 Monday

A. Power Clean Cycling Prep
BN Front Rack Mobility x 20s
1/4 Front Squat w/ pause x 3 reps
Hip Power Clean x 3 reps
Power Clean from above knee x 3 reps
Power Clean from Ground x 3-5 reps
B. Power Clean x TnG Reps x Every minute on the minute x 12 minutes
Minutes 1-4 x 5 reps
Minutes 5-8 x 4 reps
Minutes 9 -12 x 3 reps
**Work on Being Efficient Here – Foot Work, Breathing, Grip**
C. Gymnastics Strength Work
Strict Pullup
A. Tight Body Hang x 10-25s x 2 sets
B. Hinge Row x 3-5 x 4 sets
C. Seated DB Press x 6 reps x 3 sets
D. Plank on Hands x 30s x 2-4 sets
Strict Handstand Pushup 
A. Handstand Hold x 20 seconds (1 back to wall + 1 stomach to wall) x 2 sets
B. Stomach to Wall Shoulder Shrug x 5 reps + Shoulder Shift x 5/side x 3 sets
C. Downward Dog Tripod HSPU @22X1 – Collect 20 reps
D. FLR on Rings x 20-30s x 2-3 sets
Strict Muscle up – Minimum 1 Strict CTB + 1 Strict Full ROM Ring Dip
A. False Grip Hangs x 12-15s seconds alternating hands x 2 sets
B. PBar Dip @22X1 – Collect 20 reps **Deepest Position at Bottom Possible**
C. Fasle Grip Chest to Ring Pullups w/ Pause at top – Collect 20 reps
D1. Hollow Hold w/ PVC x 40s x 2-3 sets
D2. Arch Body Hold w/ PVC x 40s x 2-3 sets
Advanced – Prerequisite 1 Strict HSPU + 1 Strict MU
A. Inchworm x 7 reps x 2 sets
B. Stomach or Back HS hold x ME x 2 sets
C. HS Box Walk x 180 both directions x 3 sets
D. PBar Shoulder Stand x 15s x 3 sets
E. Strict Toes to Bar x 8-10 reps x 2-3 sets
D. “Start your Engines” 
For Time:
800m Run
50 Chest to Bar Pullups
800m Run
**Chest to Bar Scaling 
  1. CTB x 3 minute Amrap 
  2. Kipping Pullup x 50 reps 
  3. Jumping Chest to Bar Pullup x 50 reps ** 
E. DeCompression
Need help on how to dominate the cardio? Here’s Coach Angelo with some great tips:

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