7.2.18 Monday

A. Clean Pull + Clean Prep
BN Front Rack Mobility x 20 – 30s
Clean lift off w/ pause above knee x 3 reps
Clean Pull w/ pause in Extension x 3-5 reps
Hip Clean x 3 reps
Clean from above knee x 3 reps
B. Clean Pull w/ pause in Extension + Clean from above knee  – Build to 1RM in Complex in 15 minutes
C. “OCF Tester #1” 
Against a 12 minute Clock
For Time
Dumbbell Front Squat
Bar – Facing Burpees
In Remaining Time Establish 1 Rep Max Clean **Any style of Clean Counts**
Rx’d – 50/35# per hand
Scaled – 35/20#
**2 Scores
Couplet Time
Clean Load***
D. Two – Three Sets
Single Arm Dumbbell Row @3030 x 5/arm **Heavy as possible**
Hip Flow x 1
**Hip Flow  (Start in Collapsed 90 90)=
Side to Side Switch x 3/side
Shin Box Extension x 3/side
Extension into Squat x 1/side**
E. Decompression x 1-2/side

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