7.18.18 Wednesday

A. Two Sets:
Wall Squat x 5 reps + Air Squat x 10 reps **Slow & Controlled Here**
Scap Pullup @2020 x 5-10 reps
Single Leg Rope Skip x 20-25/Leg
B.  Four Sets:
Back Squat @23X1 x 3 reps **Build to Heavy 3 Rep in 4 sets**
Rest 10 seconds
Dynamic Pulling x 15 seconds Armap
Rest 10 seconds
Row x 25/18 Cals @90% **75s or Less of Work today**
Rest 2 minutes
Dynamic Pulling Options
  1. Pegboard
  2. Legless Rope Climb x 1-2 reps
  3. CTB / Kipping Pullup – Scale Reps to be Unbroken Here
  4. Jumping Chest to Bar or Pullup
C.  Core Work
Two – Three Sets
10 seconds Hollow Rock
20 seconds  Toe Touch
30 seconds Heel Touch
40 seconds Arch ups
50 seconds Plank on Elbows
Rest 60 seconds btw sets
D. Decompression x 1-2/side
Need tips on how to dominate the cardio? Watch this short video:

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