6.20.18 Wednesday

A. Three Sets:
Wall Sit w/ Single Leg March x 30 seconds
Single Arm Farmer’s Carry x 50ft/arm
Dumbbell Wood Chopper x 10/side
B. Three Sets:
Back Rack Reverse Lunge x 5/leg  **Build to 5RM per leg**
Rest 10 seconds
Dynamic Pulling x 15 seconds Amrap
Rest 10 seconds
Row x 18/12 Cals.@85-90% effort  **45 seconds or less here** 
Rest 2 minutes
Dynamic Pulling Options
  1. Pegboard
  2. Legless Rope Climb x 1-2 reps
  3. CTB / Kipping Pullup – Scale Reps to be Unbroken Here
  4. Jumping Chest to Bar or Pullup
C. “Time Trial”
For Time:
2 Mile Run
**Compare Scores from 5.24, Scale Option 15 minute AB Test**
E. Decompression x 1-2/side

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