5 Things Every Member Should be Doing Every Class

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This article is by no means a set of demands nor are these rules you must abide by to be accepted or loved at O’Hare CrossFit.  These are merely some suggestions to give yourself and the entire community the best experience possible.
  1. Stay Until the last person finishes the workout: We know life has things on sometimes, but no one is busy every day. The support of a fellow member cheering you on during a hard workout can be the difference between you finishing stronger than you could of. Please try to be that person
  2. Talking to another member while the coach is talking. For some of you older members, performance or fitness group, we realize that we program two groups and some movements do not necessarily pertain to you that day, but we are all always learning, and we would never want to be the reason someone doesn’t know what they should be doing.  We want everyone to execute to the best of his or her ability. This goes for the group that finishes a class and is hanging out while the coach is briefing the next class (inside voices please)
  3. Be on Time. We get it, life happens sometimes, working late, trains, family etc. But, please try to be on time. This has the potential to throw off an entire class flow, especially if it is a bigger group. Please respect your time, the coaches time, and the athletes as well.
  4. Give your best.  This is the one hour out of your day that failing is accepted, applauded, and admired. Lay it all out there. 
  5. Leave your negativity at home. We all have bad days, we hate burpees, running long distances, or heavy thrusters, but please realize the power of your words. Not only for the athletes in your class but for your own mental health. 
The culture & community is defined by the athletes, how we interact with each other, the coaches, and how classes get done. Add to the greater good and see how much benefit you will reap for yourself as well.