5 Reasons Why You Should Attend the “All Things CrossFit Seminar” This Month

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Over the last couple years my role in the gym has shifted.  At one time my entire life was about coaching and sharing knowledge with each of you on a day to day basis. As things have developed at OCF  and other business ventures have taken up my time, my day to day involvement in your journeys has been reduced.
Although that may be how things are now, my passion and love for movement has not ceased, and I continue to be a student of CrossFit and movement in general.
Collectively, I see areas where all of us can be better. I want to share that with you and help you improve.
Here are some of the things the September 30th  will enlighten you on-
  1. Warming up Effectively
  2. Breathing during strength and conditioning pieces for better results
  3. Shoulders – Why they may not be working well and what you can do to make that a non issue.
  4. Hips, Knees & Ankles – Finally get the squat position you have been striving for
  5. Develop Body Awareness so you can listen to your body and use that information to be better.
I look forward to digging into these topic and many more during our time together; ultimately, my goal is to make your experience at OCF a great one.
Please sign up at the front desk and let’s start making the progress you deserve.