5 Benefits of CrossFit You Rarely Think About

For most athletes, we are focused on two goals:

  1. Performance: as it pertains to CrossFit (Increasing Weight in lifts, Developing new skills, etc)
  2. Aesthetics: how we look (Decrease in Weight, Body Fat, and/or increase in Muscle)

Here are some other benefits of doing Crossfit you may not think about:

  1. Learning Functional Movements.  I have not seen any sort of formal education to teach movements like the squat, deadlift, & press to the masses.  Why are these so important? Functional movements are just that, they are a part of your everyday life. Being able to perform them better, whether it be adding load, or improving your technique will have major carry over in your everyday life.   If you don’t believe me try this, for a week write a tally every time you sit down, stand up, pick something up that is below your hips, pick up something away in a cabinet. We are these movements, these movements are us. Think of your training as not only training for the next year or 2, think about it as you’re training yourself to be able to move and be strong when you’re 80!
  1. Mental Resilience.  At ANY level, CrossFit humbles you. It takes a mirror that is a movement, skill, and/or workout and shows you where you need more work.  Nothing better than a safe place to “fail” to see where you are at to know where you need to start improving. On top of that, once a weakness is exposed, you can have a coach guide you through it.  CrossFit trains you on how to overcome.  In life, you can bet one thing, you will be faced with adversity and having the mindset to overcome it is half the battle.
  1. Community.  In many cases, the reasons you do not succeed with a goal or lifestyle change is your environment, who you are surrounded by. Being surrounded by people invested in fitness and health, it is hard to resist giving in to some new lifestyle habits. Each day you get to go through a workout side by side with individuals that are on a similar journey as you. You share high fives, celebrate PRs, and pick each other up on those days that aren’t the best.  The Desire for Community is Primal, Don’t Fight it.
  1. Empowering Women.  CrossFit is one of the places where women are applauded for being strong, giving a hard effort, and put in the spotlight.  We want to see you be confident, know what’s it like to see and feel your own power. Each day is your chance to improve you.  Crossfit sets the stage for women to be strong and confident.
  1. Unleashing the Competitor inside you.  This usually speaks to most men that played sports in their youth.  As we have gotten older, our competitive outlets have decreased, although our desire has not.  What better way to compete than CrossFit. Each session is a competition with the person you were yesterday, and underneath most of us is a quiet chasing of an athlete that is just a bit better than us.  Iron Sharpens Iron. Healthy Competition brings out your True Potential.

Ready to start your own Crossfit journey? Let's do it!

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