4 Reasons to Love Weightlifting

Weightlifting. There are a whole bunch of reasons to love weightlifting. Here is a short list of reasons why:


Number 1: Posture. Weightlifting builds phenomenal posture and your posterior chain parentheses backside of your body. Almost everybody slouches over now a days due to their hectic work schedule and constantly sitting. Moving weights against resistance in weightlifting allows your body to build a strong upper back and bullet proof legs. This not only makes you look good but it also makes you move better and feel better outside of weightlifting.


Number 2: Power and Explosiveness. It’s always fun to be powerful and explosive. Moving weights at lightning speed over your head and catching heavy lifts not only can be very fun but will make you faster, stronger and more powerful on a day-to-day basis.


Number 3: Mobility. As people start to age, mobility is the first thing that goes. Once your mobility goes that’s when injuries will start to occur. The mobility that you use to catching weights at the bottom of a lift is better than any form of static stretching you can do. It trains your body as well as your nervous system to be comfortable in uncomfortable environments. 


The last reason you should love weightlifting is because nothing is more enjoyable than catching a heavy lift at the bottom of the hole and standing it up with everybody cheering you on. 🙂

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