We’re in that time of year when you can expect sickness to inevitably make its campaign on your compromised, sleep deprived, holiday food filled body.  All of us can think of at least 3 people right now that are feeling some kind of way; her sinuses are bothering her, his chest is congested, she feels like she got hit by a bus, etc., etc.

Being a gym, we come in contact with quite a few people every day and no matter how clean we can keep the equipment, sickness makes its way into our system some way or another.  There are things you can do though to help you make your immune system like Fort Knox….locked DOWN!  People will be amazed how you don’t get sick whenever everyone else seems to be.  Its a great life to live 🙂

Here are three things that you might not be doing that can help!



  • Pay attention to how much water you’re consuming.

With the weather getting colder, our bodies need to be hydrated even more and let’s be honest, when you’re cold, you probably don’t want to be chugging cold water.  Here’s the thing though, our central nervous systems are fighting like crazy just to keep us warm through these cold months, on top of any potential disease or virus making a guest appearance in our system.  Keeping fully hydrated will help with keeping our bodies warm and let the inner workings of our body do what they are supposed to do with no concerns to staying warm.  So try some hot tea, or just drinking lukewarm water instead of cold water.  Set alarms even to remind you to get your drink on!!



  • Every morning when you wake up, try making a glass of water with a big pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt and a big squeeze of lemon juice.

It has to be the pink kind!  The pink color signifies the nutrient and mineral density of the salt.  Its helps with immunity, but it also increases hydration, prevents muscle cramps, aids in proper metabolism function, strengthens bones, and helps lower blood pressure!   The lemon also gives you an immunity boost with the Vitamin C and potassium content, helps digestion, helps liver function, and keeps your skin healthy!

Its a quick and easy thing to do first thing in the morning that can make a whole BIG difference to your day and your immune system.


  • Start eating more vegetables.

Ugh, right?  Who wants vegetables…The problem is that very few people get enough variety and enough quantities of them to help make a difference in their life.  Leafy green vegetables, root vegetables, and citrus are all great sources of power packed nutrients and antioxidants that can help keep your immune systems strong when your workplace is packed with runny noses and poorly circulated air.

So try adding vegetables to each meal during your day.  Whether thats throwing some chopped peppers into your egg scramble, or adding a side salad to your lunch, or steaming up some asparagus or broccoli (or let’s be honest, cooking up some bacon and Brussel sprouts!) to make sure you’re getting good variety of nutrients and vitamins with your diet.  Fun fact – having more vegetables in your diet also helps you stay more hydrated because they are made of a lot of water!



So try some of the tips and see how the rest of the “sick season” goes with these weapons in your arsenal!

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