3 Tips on how NOT to Lose it this Summer!

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Well it’s about that time. You know, when the sun is out later, there is a party or fest every weekend, and vacations to be had.  
Summer is a beautiful time of year especially if you live in Chicago.  How do you enjoy summer and it’s festivities without blowing all the hard work you have put in all winter? 
Here are 3 tips:
1.   Intermittent Fasting: If you are going to go to a party, drink a little, eat without guilt or counting try intermittent fasting. Wake up, and try not eat for 4-6 hours. When you do eat, keep it light especially in the carbs (save those for later) and then go out have some fun and know you’re not completely blowing your nutrition.
2.   Do something active outside.  There is more to fitness than the gym. Go to a park and play for an hour, play catch, ride a bike, go for a hike, the possibilities are endless. Check out this blog for more info about that – http://oharecrossfit.com/with-the-weather-getting-warmer-its-time-to-apply-your-fitness-outside-of-your-big-sweaty-box/
3.   Monday – Thursday stay in non-summer mode. Hit those 4 days as hard as you can in every aspect, training, eating strict, and recovery (stress, hydration etc). 
Let the summer be a time to celebrate and enjoy not set you back to a Fall full of guilt.