14-day get lean meal plan

Free Download: 14 Day "Get Lean" Meal Plan

What you Get

Get Lean Nutrition Methodology

14-Full days of meal planning

Delicious and Healthy recipes

easy-to-use shopping lists

get lean meal plan

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  • Shopping for the food you need to get lean has never been this easy.
  • Sorted into 2 trips to prevent over-purchasing, food waste, and forgotten items.
  • Plus, we've organized it by isles so you never get lost 🙂

About o'Hare CrossFit

The coaching staff at O’Hare CrossFit is world-class. Our knowledge, experience, and unmatched enthusiasm for helping people are a large part of what makes the training experience at OCF the best in the industry. We are dedicated to being the motivators, leaders, and expert guides to your fitness journey. We’ve been where you are, and we look forward to helping you get lean and stay healthy.

What people are saying

Such an awesome place! Ive never met so many people that actually support one another and push each other to do better. The coaches genuinely care and check that you are doing the movements accurately modifying your movements if needed. I have been avoiding working out for fear of being embarrassed or not understanding how to do something and I finally found a place where I know I will see progress!

Giovanna R.

oining OCF was one of the best decisions of my life. Your coaches are awesome. They make sure you do everything the correct way with just enough of a push to make you succeed but not too much to make you fail. I can’t say enough about Becca. Her knowledge of coaching and nutrition has taught me that I need to be accountable to myself and not a 21 day diet or a low carb diet and that the scale does go up and down. I can eat and not starve myself to lose weight. Also, I can lose inches which is great, not always pounds which can be frustrating. I can now squat lower than I ever thought was possible and fit into jeans I haven’t felt comfortable wearing in a long time. OCF is the best way to stay healthy and get into shape in a fun environment. The coaches, the members, everyone….it’s just the best.

Cathy S.

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