12.20.18 Thursday

A. Body Building Work x 18 minutes
Three Sets:
Bench Press @4020 x 4-6 reps
Single Arm Ring Row @4020 x 4-6/ arm
Rest 45 seconds btw sets
Three Sets: **Superset here, NO rest btw Movements**
Dumbbell Front Raise x 10 reps
Dumbbell Lateral Raise x 10 reps
Dumbbell Rear Delt Raise x 10 reps
Rest 30 seconds btw sets
Two – Three Sets:
Standing DB Curl Alt Arms x 8-10 reps
Band Tricep Pressdown x 12-15 reps
Rest 30 seconds btw Sets
B. “Baby it’s Cold Outside” 
Every minute on the minute x 24 minutes (6 sets)
Minute 1 – 12/9 Cal Assault Bike
Minute 2 – 15/12 Cal Row
Minute 3 – 12/9 Cal Ski or Rope Slam x 45 seconds
Minute 4 – Rest
**All Work should be 45s of 85-90% Effort, Scale up or Down Accordingly**
C. Decompression
Need help on how to dominate the cardio? Here’s Coach Angelo with some great tips:

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