11.13.18 Tuesday

Deadlift Prep
Three Sets:
Deadlift @30X1 x 5 reps (Set #1 – Single Leg w/ Barbell, Set #2 – Romanian Deadlift, Set #3 – Conventional Deadlift)
Single Arm DB Overhead Hold x 20s/arm
Crab up Down x 5 reps + Crab Hold x 15 seconds (Set #1 – Fingers Back, Set #2 Fingers Forward, Set #3- Choice)
B. Three Sets:
Deadlift  @30X1 x 4- 5 reps
Rest 45 seconds
Half Kneeling Bottoms up Kettlebell Press x 8-10/arm
Rest 45 seconds
C. Gymnastics Strength x 10 minutes
Strict Handstand Pushup Focus
A. Stomach or Back to Wall Handstand Hold x 20s x 2 sets
B. Tripod Hold x 15s x 3 sets **Freestanding or Against Wall**
C. Handstand Pushup @22X1 x 3 reps x 5 sets
**Choose Toughest Scaling Option (Beginner —> Advanced)
  1. Downward Dog —> Knees on Box —> Toes on Box —> 1 Leg on Box —> Back to Wall —> Deficit
D. “Stomp” 
For Time:
Deadlift 225/155#
DB Front Squat 50/35# per hand
E. Decompression
Need help on how to dominate the cardio? Here’s Coach Angelo with some great tips:

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