10.6.18 Saturday

A. Three Sets:
Goblet Hold Lateral Lunge x 6-8/side
Single Arm Ring Row w/ pause at top & Bottom  x 4-6/arm
DB Crawl x 15 Steps
B. In Teams of Three, Complete three rounds Each:
350m Row
(Rest Station)
20 Hang Dumbbell Cleans 50/35# per hand
(Rest Station)
10 Strict Pullups
(Rest Station)
Teammates will attack this in a pipeline fashion. Teammate A will start rowing, and once they are off, they will move to a rest station while Partner B begins rowing. Once Partner B finishes rowing, Partner A may begin the Dumbbell Hang Cleans and Partner C begins rowing. Teams will follow this sequence until all teammates have completed three full rounds.

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