1 More Session Can Make a Difference

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This is by no means a call to over-train or sell more unlimited memberships. It is merely a thought about what the difference one session would make to your training.
If you are currently training 3 days per week, you are getting 3 hours per week of training x 52 weeks, thus a total of 156 hours of training per year.  To stay that consistent is definitely an accomplishment in itself, but what if we added 1 more day (1 hour per week of training)?
4 sessions per week x 52 weeks = 208 hours.  Consider what an extra 56 hours of training would mean over time for your improvements: fat loss, mobility, rehab, and endurance or any other goal would be that much more attainable.
This could be any form of training: CrossFit, Yoga, Bodybuilding, or marital arts. Any extra time would make all the difference in the world over time.
Think about making this change and watch how the improvements happen. It will take patience and dedication, but the results will come.
-Coach Angelo