1.2.19 Wednesday

A. Deadlift Prep
Three Sets:
Clean Grip Deadlift @50X1 x 5 reps (Set #1 – Single Leg Romanian w/ Barbell, Set #2 – Romanian Deadlift Set #3 – Deadlift)
Single Leg Hip Thrust @31X2 x 4/leg – **Focus on Glutes Squeezing Hard**
Crawl Hold w/ Partner Push x 15 seconds
B. Four Sets:
Clean Grip Deadlift @50X1 x 3 reps
Rest 15s
Tall Box Jump x 3 reps
Rest 15s
Single Arm KB Farmer Carry Hold x 30 seconds/side
Rest 90 seconds
C.  Double Under Practice x 5 minutes
If you haven’t gotten your first DU here is your chance!
If you have DU, Practice Manageable Sets for Today’s Workout**
D. “Pippen” 
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 14 minutes
6 Strict Handstand Pushups
9 Power Clean 135/95# **Scale up to 155-165/105-110#**
12 DB Step Over 24/20” 50/35# per hand
E. DeCompression

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