The Dance That is Scaling

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Scaling a workout is necessary sometimes; however, it DOES NOT mean you are not good enough, not capable, or a failure.
Consider that each workout is written to provide a certain feeling or stimulus.  Certain time domains, loading parameters, and movement selections are catalysts a programmer uses to develop a certain stimulus in every workout they write. 
How does this play into class? If a workout calls for five minutes of grueling work, focus on that goal versus the perceived inadequacies you are feeling about scaling a workout.  Doing a workout RX or scaled is erroneous if the workout achieves the necessary reaction within your physical and mental state. 
That is and was the beauty of CrossFit. We all can “go there” together; even though, we have different abilities. 
Scaling is like a dance, you need to know the steps and who your partner is. If a coach asks you to scale, they are simply asking you to adjust a couple steps in the dance; they are not saying you are not able to dance.  
Understand that everything is about getting a certain feeling, and focus on how your role in the dance can be done perfectly relative to your abilities and goals.  
-Coach Angelo

Manifest Your Want

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Over the past year I have become a lot more aware of my choices.  The reason being is because, although it took me nearly 28 years to figure out, I finally realized that everything in this life is a choice.   There is pizza in front of me.  Do I HAVE to eat it?  No, that’s a choice. I’m out with friends.  Do I HAVE to drink too?  No, this is a choice. I’m super-stressed about work, do I HAVE to take on another project?  Nope, guess what?  You can say no. I am in a stressful relationship, whether it be with a friend or romantic, do I HAVE to stay in it?  No, this is a choice.   So when you evaluate what things are important to you, and what you SAY is important to you, consider what choices you’re making.  Are you putting yourself first?  Are you putting your health up there too?   What you WANT is out there - you just have to make the choices to manifest those things you want into a reality.  WANT and DO are two very different things.  Few people DO what they WANT.   Are you one of those people?  Are your expectations in line with your actions?   If not, do not fret.  Simply adjust your expectations and be happy with where you are rather than always wanting to be somewhere else.  If that doesn’t sound like a place you want to be, then do something about it.   Joy and depression cannot reside in the same place.  Pick the life you want, or find a way to be happy with the life you have chosen for yourself.   -Coach Becca

This Week at OCF – 5/15

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Bulletproof Seminar - THIS SATURDAY!

Are you wondering how you can make your body more #bulletproof? Or maybe you’re dealing with a nagging injury? Well, make sure you have your ticket to attend! We will be hosting ActiveLifeRx and their coaches/doctors to help assess and work with each of you to make your body stronger, more stable, and more balanced.
  • Date: Saturday, May 20th
  • Time: 11 am - 3 pm
  • Cost: $99
  • Sign Up HERE!

Kipping Pull-Up Clinic Fun!

We had so much fun helping out some of our members this past Saturday get more comfortable with the high-skill movement of the “Kipping Pull-Up”.

Coach Becca and Coach Angelo worked through proper body-positioning, strength development drills, and progressions to improve the efficiency of the kipping pull up. We look forward to seeing everyone continue to work on their skills to keep improving!

If you were unable to attend, but are interested in a 1-on-1 session with one of the coaches to learn the kipping pull-up, or any other skill, email to schedule a 1-on-1!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Nutrition Challenge

Coach Becca could not be more proud of all of the Nutrition Challenge participants. Over the past 5-weeks, over 20 members dedicated time and efforts to improving their nutrition and creating a healthier lifestyle.

During those 5-weeks, challenge members worked on understanding what was in certain foods, how much food their body needed, and how to fit it into their daily lifestyle. By the end, the results spoke for themselves:

Total Body-Fat Lost: 36.4% Average Body-Fat Lost: 1.7% Total Weight Lost: 105 lbs Average Weight Lost: 5.8 lbs Keep your eye out for another challenge coming up after the summer-time!! If you’re looking for some one-on-one nutritional coaching in the meantime, click HERE to get more information!

Why Skipping Breakfast is Hindering your Weight Loss…

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So before I get yelled at by the world wide web, Can you only eat 1-3 meals per day and lose fat? Yes, of course you can. Can you eat 4-8 meals a day and lose fat?  Definitely.   BUT, most people just don’t deal well with hunger and restriction.  Typically, the big issues with people’s diet adherence is hunger and/or getting in the right amount of food.  Going a long time without food simply does not work for many people because:  
  1. People cannot control cravings (I mean…chocolate).
  2. People are unable to experience hunger without obsessing over it (because well, it’s hard - you’re hangry).
  3. People typically overeat when they do finally get food after being hungry for a long time period (and that overeating ain’t of chicken and broccoli).
  So how do we help stick to our diets?  That’s right, eat more frequently!   If you struggle with going long periods without food - then don’t!   Eating before you are super hungry, AKA every couple of hours, can keep you from reaching into that box of donuts at the work party, or over-eating at a meal because you haven’t eaten in 5 hours.  So instead of trying to fit all of your calories into a few meals, spread them out throughout the day and I bet you’d be able to get the necessary calories a LOT easier, and you won’t be constantly obsessing over your next meal.   I have no shame in the fact that I eat 7-9 times a day.  They are all small meals, but they keep me from ever feeling super hungry or light-headed, they keep me from getting hangry and moody, and it keeps me from binging when I do eat.   So don’t think that your day has to be Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and that’s it to lose weight.  Maybe eating Meal #1-7 is a better approach that will keep you from becoming insatiable next time you’re in your kitchen.   -Coach Becca

OCF Member of the Month – April 2017

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Katie and Jake

April 2017

Katie and Jake are an amazing young couple, engaged to be married (this summer!) and they came to OCF last summer and have become a major staple in our community ever since. From the start, they completely welcomed the methods of CrossFit and nutrition for their success. They both are young, competitive, fire-filled individuals that wanted to better themselves as athletes from the start.

They were both big time athletes all through high-school and college, but CrossFit created a new challenge for them and they have risen to that challenge. They have worked on their weaknesses and both competed in their very first CrossFit Open this past year not even a full year into CrossFit! They crushed the workouts and have both moved into Performance since then and continue to improve each day.

They are a big part of the “6-flirty” crew during the 6:30 pm class and have made fast friends with lots of our members. We cannot wait to see where CrossFit takes them in the future and we love having them as part of the #ocffam.

Get to know Katie! 1. When did you start CrossFit and why? I started consistently attending CrossFit in July 2016. I tried a class one time in college and loved it. I have always been a competitive athlete and the one time I tried a class I fell in love. It wasn’t really in my budget during college, so I worked out on my own until I graduated and started CrossFit at OCF. 2. What time of day do you come in? I would definitely consider myself a part of the 6:30pm crew also known as Six-Flirty. Although sometimes I join the 5:30 and 7:30 classes. 3. What is one type of movement you hate and one you love? One movement I hate is the snatch. I hate it because I feel like it is a hard movement that just doesn’t come naturally to me. One type of movement I love is the deadlift. 4. Any big goal(s) set for the next year? I’d say a big goal of mine is to get more confident in my gymnastic work (i.e. get a strict pull-up, muscle up, etc.) and just to become a better athlete. 5. Name an athlete that inspires you and why.  (Does not have to be a CrossFitter) I definitely have to say my spirit animal, Becca Chilczenkowski. She reminds me a lot of myself and knows exactly what to say to me in a workout to get me going. She is inspiring, a beast, great athlete, and I mean, come on, she is my spirit animal so I have to say her. 6. Tell us one fun fact about you. One time I fractured my skull by falling off a car. Ask me for the deets! 7. You were left on a deserted island.  What one food and thing (i.e. book, music player, etc...) would you want to be left with you? Honestly, probably fruity pebbles and some device that plays music. 8. How has CrossFit helped you in sports? Life? CrossFit has helped me became patient, dedicated, confident, and self-loving. I hate failing at anything, but in CrossFit you fail all the time. Without failure, you never feel success. It has helped me enjoy the process in all aspects of my life. 9. How have workouts changed for you over the years? I started off my athletic career as a three sport athlete, transitioned my workouts to lifting and cardio at the gym while always playing intramurals. I was always looking for something that was more competitive than the gym. Once I found CrossFit, nothing compared. 10. Rate the following on a scale of 1 to 10: Get to know Jake! 1. When did you start CrossFit and why? I started CrossFit two month after I received my undergraduate degree in July 2016. Katie and I had just moved to Chicagoland, were looking for something new to do, and thought CrossFit at O'Hare would be challenge and enjoyable (PS - Katie talked me into it!). 2. What time of day do you come in? I usually come in at 6:30 pm, right after my workday. If I'm working longer, I can be seen at 7:30 am. Occasionally, I've been seen in the mornings and try to make it Saturday mornings as well. 3. What is one type of movement you hate and one you love? Love: Handstand Push-ups Hate: Rowing 4. Any big goal(s) set for the next year? Since starting CrossFit I have gained about 10 lbs (may not look like it, though). It's my goal to put on another 10 lbs before I start to just maintain my body. The way I'll accomplish that is to hone in my eating a little more, try to eat enough to get over my outrageous metabolism, and get stronger in Olympic style lifting workouts. 5. Name an athlete that inspires you and why.  (Does not have to be a CrossFitter) One athlete that inspires me is Chicago's own, Jabari Parker. The first time I learned about Jabari was when he committed to Duke out of Chicago's Simeon High School. I'm a huge Duke fan and I loved watching him play and was excited when my Milwaukee Buck's drafted him into the NBA. Since then, I've learned that Jabari seems to be one of the most humble, amazing dude's in the NBA. His commitment to his Mormon faith, giving back to both the Chicago and Milwaukee communities, and his ability to fight through 2 torn ACL injuries (on the same knee) before he turns 22 is inspiring to say the least. In a league full guys making crazy amounts of money, Jabari is as real as they come. 6. Tell us one fun fact about you. My mom still buys and wraps a Lego set every Christmas because I told her if she's going to get me a gift until I die, I want it to be Lego's. 7. You were left on a deserted island.  What one food and thing (i.e. book, music player, etc...) would you want to be left with you? I'm a practical person, so I'll go with an a stick lighter with unlimited fluid. That way I'll be survive longer than the person who picked their childhood stuffed animal. As for food, I'll take a nice steak to kick things off right on the island. 8. How has CrossFit helped you in sports? Life? I've been an athlete my whole life, but I'd have to say CrossFit is the one sport that I have not been able to rely on my raw athleticism or talent to succeed. CrossFit will always expose something you are not good at, and even when you think you're good at something, there is always someone better. This everyday grind to get better has transferred into my "other" life; professional, personally, and emotionally I feel more confident in my work, actuarial exams, and everyday activities. 9. How have workouts changed for you over the years? Growing up in middle school and high school I was a part of many fantastic teams. My club soccer team took 2nd in the state of Wisconsin for a couple years during my high school years, and I was apart some above average basketball teams throughout these times as well. In college, I transition to playing intramurals and it was less competitive. I needed to regain that competitive edge, and found CrossFit. CrossFit is the first time I've done an "individual" sport and I find it more challenging because the only person you can rely on is yourself. 10. Rate the following on a scale of 1 to 10:  

Sunday 5.7.17

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Warm up -
Foam Roll x 5-7 minutes
Ankles, Hamstrings, IT band, Tspine, Lats
Wall Squat x 10
Goblet Squat x 10
Pushup 30:30 x 2 Rest in top
Air Squat 30:30 x 2 Rest in Bottom
Gymnastics Work -
A. HS Hold Stomach to wall - 30:60s x 3
B. Bar Hang 30:60s x 3
C. Arch up Hold 30:30 x 3
13 minute Amrap
15 Goblet Squat 55/35#
1 Burpee box Jump over 30/24"
15 Goblet Squat
2 Burpee box Jump over 30/24"
15 Goblet Squat
3 Burpee box jump over 30/24"
15 Goblet Squat
4 Burpee box jump over 30/24"

The KEY to a Successful Diet

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If you’re looking for a pill, a 3-day fix, or even a month-fix, that is not what I’m going to be talking about here, because, well…it doesn’t exist.  They say it does, but the number one thing I tell my clients is if something so easy and quick truly worked (and had lasting results), everyone would be doing it.   No, the key to a successful diet isn’t a food or a drink, it’s a mindset.  For whatever reason, nutrition is the one area of life that people refuse to accept that gains must come from sacrifice.   We work hard in our jobs to advance, we know to get strong in the gym we must work at it day in and day out, but for some reason, nutrition seems to fall outside of that logic.  Perhaps it’s because we are a society of instant gratification and hunger is ever apparent in our daily lives, but to be successful in a diet, you have to be ready to struggle.   Dieting to lose weight is hard because it is a state of deprivation.  Expect it to be uncomfortable.  Expect it to be challenging to figure out what is in foods and how much of those foods you need to eat, and expect that it is the exact work that NEEDS to be done to see results.   Here is the silver lining: although losing weight may not seem very sustainable, maintaining weight can be!  You just have to be willing to put in the work to get to your goal weight.  Maintaining a body weight can be much more of a comfortable lifestyle, but just ask yourself whether or not you are one of the few that has the mindset to get there…   Coach Becca

How to Lose Weight FAST!

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Do I have your attention now?!?  I promise it wasn’t a complete ploy to get you to read this.   Sooo many of us want to lose those extra 5 pesky pounds, but what if the solution was something we totally didn’t suspect.  Like removing something from the diet that was even considered “healthy” for us to be eating?   The main reason I wanted to write about this was because I wanted to express how important it is to LISTEN to your body!  It talks to us all the time, we just have to pay attention.  I was ignoring mine for too long and I finally decided to TRY to listen to it and was blown away by what it told me.   Long story short is I LOVVEEE brussel sprouts.  Like, legit love them.  I have, no joke, been eating them almost every day for the past 2-3 years.  Although - I have also noticed that I can tend to be very gassy/bloated sometimes.  I refused to accept that it was the brussel sprouts because they are delicious AND they are a vegetable - aka HEALTHY for me, right?!?!  Well, although they may be nutritious and healthy, they may not be RIGHT for my body.   So I decided to remove them for just 2-3 days, and it was in a time when I was trying to lean out a little bit, but my weight seemed to be stuck.  So surprisingly, after 3 days of no brussel sprouts (and everything else staying the same!) I had dropped 3 pounds almost.  Of pure water-weight/bloating I’m pretty sure.  I felt better, I looked less puffy, and I was happy I finally listened to my body.   So bottom line is, pay attention to the things you eat and how they make you feel.  If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t!  Try to remove a food, but keep everything else constant (hello science class experiments!) and see how your body feels without it, then try reintroducing it.  I bet you will be surprised what you find out J