Learn to LOVE the things you HATE

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In a fitness space, we often come across a list of things that we hate doing.  Some of those can be simple, like hopping on a rower for a distance or calorie mark, or something more complex as string together a long unbroken set of wall balls.  All the things that you hate doing, you probably hate because you are not that good at them.   Coming from experience, and currently having to relearn just about everything, there were so many things that I dreaded in work outs.  I would check the website, see something that I knew would slow me down to a snail’s pace in a work out and skip that day with some excuse for needing rest or having to wash my hair.   I hate pull ups, my arms are long, I do not have a lot of upper body strength and I just do not like them.  But guess what, I love pullups.  I love them because it is constant and immediate feedback for something that I know I need to work on.  If I can do several strict or string together a decent size of kipping pull ups, I am improving. You need to love the things you hate because those things are going to give you the feedback that you crave.  Your ability to overhead squat more, your ability to push it harder on the assault bike, your ability to run faster in a 300; all of that is your feedback for improvement that only you can feel and see.

OCF Monthly Newsletter – April 2017

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Are you "Summer" Ready?

OCF Tone and OCF Shred are open for registration finally TODAY (see link below to purchase)! We want to know what you think of possibly doing a Shred/Tone organized class at OCF?

The current programs, as is, are 6-week long individual programs that are to be done on your own time and in your choice of setting (i.e. OCF, Home Gym, X-Sport, etc.). Although, if we get enough interest, we are considering opening up the Shred/Tone programs to an actual class held at OCF!

If you are interested and want to know more, email Becca@oharecrossfit.com!

Weightlifting 101 - 1 Spot Left!!

Only 1 spot left in the new OLY 101 session! It starts next week, and the details are below.

  • Dates: May 1st - June 24th
  • Days: Mondays and Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm, Saturdays @ 12 pm
  • Cost: $150 for 8 weeks

Email Rocio@oharecrossfit.com to claim the last spot!

Coach Rocio and Coach Susie complete CrossFit Rowing (Erg) Seminar!

This past Saturday, CrossFit HQ held an all-day Rowing Seminar to teach athletes and coaches better rowing technique for efficiency, power, and speed. Coach Rocio and Coach Susie both participated in the Rowing Seminar and we can’t wait for all of the knowledge they now have to share with the classes! If the rower is an enemy of yours, find Rocio and Susie next class and get some tips!

Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better

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“Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better”   It’s okay to have a bad day, a bad workout, heck - even a bad week worth of workouts.   I recently had a member come up to me after one of the Open workouts with the heavy snatches (in which I failed more reps than I made at the 155# bar) and told me that it was inspiring to watch me fail over and over and keep trying.  At first glance, this could probably be taken the wrong way - but then I realized how truly REAL it is to fail. And how many people think that us, as coaches, are good at everything (HAH!).       I would honestly say, from personal experience, that I have a GREAT workout once every maybe...5-7 sessions.  Most of my sessions go okay in one area, not so great in another, and maybe one movement feels pretty good that day.  I don’t always feel strong, I don’t always feel fast under a bar or in my gymnastics, and sometimes my conditioning feels like I’m trying to row at 20,000 ft elevation.   I’m never in my comfort zone, and I’m ALWAYS failing movements.  I spent MONTHS struggling through double unders in workouts with whip marks all over my arms and legs.   I spent YEARS trying to get a muscle up and failing over, and over, and over again.     I see in classes all the time when people shy away from movements and exercises because they think they aren’t good enough to do them in a workout.     If we do not become more comfortable with the uncomfortable, the uncomfortable of taking a little bit longer than someone else, or even failing a few times, then how can we truly expect progress in those areas?   So next time you want to try double unders in a workout, or strict pull-ups, or toes to bar, or whatever it may be, but you don’t think you can do all of the reps - reach out to the coach and ask how it can be modified to keep intensity and stimulus of the workout, but allow you to work on those weaknesses.  I bet you’ll surprise yourself with what you truly are capable of.   And just to end with a corny “fail motivational quote” - remember: “Don’t fear failure.  Not failure, but low aim, is the crime.  In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.” Bruce Lee  

Summer Run

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Our summer series of workouts are slowly creeping into the programming.  The weather is getting nicer and nicer week by week, the garage door is open and that cool breeze is starting to creep in.  Before we know it, the walls are going to be just as sweaty as we are and the temperature will be hotter inside than it is in the desert.   Something for us to think about moving forward.  Not every work out, but most of the workouts, will have a running piece to them.  When we run, especially with movements that require hamstring usage or calf usage (think box jumps or deadlifts), our lower half is going to be hit a tad bit harder than normal.     This is the time, in late April and early May, to start developing a simple lower half activation and mobility routine to get your legs ready for those conditioning sessions.  Listed below are a couple of things to think about doing….   Calf Stretch – place your heel on the floor and get all, or the most, of the ball of your foot on a stable surface.  Keeping that leg locked out, slowly pull your upper body towards the stable surface and release the tension.  Think of doing maybe 12-15 reps per leg.   Toes Out + Toes In Walk – taking roughly 20-30 steps per leg, walk forward with our toes pointed outwards one way and your toes pointed inwards the other way.  These will make you look and feel silly, but they are an excellent way to loosen up and activate your shins.   Dead Walk – this movement requires more mental acuity than actual difficulty.  Take a small step forward, having your front leg’s heel of your foot even up with our trail leg’s toe.  Keep that front leg locked out and bend the trail leg’s knee.  In a sweeping and scooping motion, push your butt back and bring your arms towards the floor and stand back up.  Take 12-15 steps per leg.   Walking Goose Steps – walk from one end of the gym to the other, with each step creating a large sweeping swinging motion.  You should aim to kick your leg up, getting your toe even with your nose.  While kicking that leg up, contact your opposite arm’s hand.  Think that you kick with our left leg to hit your right hand.     Preparing your legs to run is equally as important as preparing your body to deadlift or squat.  Each day that you see the workout, try your best to get simple routine going that can help loosen up your legs a bit more.  Each of these movements can be completed in under 6 to 7 minutes.  Let’s get ready to attack this warm weather, and show off what we’ve worked for this winter!!!   Coach Zach

Stop and Smell the Roses

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As I entered one of my local businesses yesterday, one of the employees greeted me with a smile and said “TGIF”!  It made me really ponder why we wish our week away in anticipation of Friday?  The monotonous routine of “adulting” during the week can take a toll on us.  Some of us are mothers, fathers, business owners, caretakers, students, etc…  So it can become fairly easy to allow our lives to be controlled and dominated by to-do lists and the clock.  This is no fun for anyone.


Take a second second to stop and smell the roses. We live and do the best we can with what we have but forgetting, and often never realize, that it's all so perfect. It is us, and only us, who are solely responsible for the outcome of our lives and how beautiful we actually make it.  How much we actually live it.


Let gratitude take over.  Let us not wish for things we don't have and begin to replace our “im sorrys” with “thank yous” now and moving forward.  Allow yourself the opportunity to live a happier, more fulfilled life and deepen the relationships that surround you.  In addition, this will open the door to so many more quality relationships that will add to your new outlook.

Allow the people around you to receive your gratitude instead of your negativity.  Be the light and you will attract light in your life as well.   Coach Ro

Sleep Talking

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Now that the seasons are changing, the weather is slowly starting to level itself out, and days are damper than in times past.  How this will affect your training sessions and how this will affect your daily routines can be noticeable, and noticeably apparent with some of us.  I think the most important thing that we can start paying attention to is our daily patterns and routines.     Without getting super scientific and turning this into a research paper with several sources, internal citations, and a works cited page; I need to confess something.  I have been extremely worried that I am going to gain weight, but in a weird way.  I know that I am losing weight right now, the number on the scale is going down.  The weight gain that I have been worried about has been fat, meaning I am losing muscle and getting a bit plumper in certain areas.     I am a male, who is extremely self-conscious of how he looks and is constantly criticizing himself.  After hurting my knee, and subsequently needing surgery, I began to think of all of things that were going to change.  Having to reteach motor patterns, squatting to a parallel position for months to come, learning how to run with proper form all over again.  Above all, having to worry about getting skinny fat, a term that cannot be taken lightly.   Being the nerd that I am, I’ve researched and researched things to expect.  What these medications are going to do to my gut bacteria, how the internal trauma created by a surgical procedure and low levels of anesthesia are going to affect my nervous systems ability to cope with future pain under positive stress measures, and above all what can I control now that I am in this rebuilding phase.   Because the seasons are changing, because it is now brighter longer throughout the day, now is the time to create a simple and realistic routine to follow every day.  “Even a single night of total sleep deprivation can influence energy expenditure and metabolism; in subjects with 24 h wakefulness, resting and postprandial energy expenditure were decreased; morning plasma ghrelin, nocturnal and daytime circulating thyrotropin, cortisol, and norepinephrine concentrations were increased” (Kim, Jeong, and Hong).  In simpler terms, one night of bad sleep can significantly affect how your body performs the following day, and couple of days after that.     I encourage all of you to start taking a better tally of your daily routines, and this is not just from a nutritional stand point.  Some of us probably could do a better job of getting into a rhythm with our schedule, and understanding that getting into bed every night at the same time plays such a vital role in our ability to function the next day. -Coach Zach   Work Cited Kim, Tae Won, Jong-Hyun Jeong, and Seung-Chul Hong. “The Impact of Sleep and Circadian Disturbance on Hormones and Metabolism.” International Journal of Endocrinology 2015 (2015): 591729. PMC. Web. 11 Apr. 2017.

This Week at OCF – 4/3

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Schedule Change Saturday 4.22!

Saturday we will be hosting the CrossFit Rowing Seminar. We are very exciting for those of you that chose to attend! Saturday Class Schedule - 8am ONLY There will be NO 9am or 10am classes

Bodybuilding Promotion

Now that the Open is over, are you ready to just train for looks? The coaches at OCF have developed two programs geared towards weight-training and cardio fit for aesthetics rather than performance.

Here are some details about the programs:

  • 6-weeks long with 3-days per week of workouts
  • OCF Shred is geared towards the guys who want to get that ‘shredded’ look for summer. OCF Tone is geared towards the ladies that want to ‘lean out’ their summer body!
  • Each workout lasts around 45-60 minutes
  • You are able to do your workouts on your own, in your own time, and at whatever location works best for you (i.e. home gym, globo gym, OCF)
  • The workouts will be sent to you via FitBot which is an online program that you can find the workouts, demo videos, and post comments regarding the workouts for feedback from one of our coaches!
  • They include lots of body-building style accessory work to help get you lean and toned!
They launch on Monday, April 24th, so make sure you don’t miss out and reserve your program today! Email rocio@oharecrossfit.com for more info!

WL 101 Next Start Date w/ Registration Info

Did you miss out on the last OLY 101 session and have been anxious for the new one to pick up!? Well, you don’t have to wait much longer!


OLY 101 is a great way for beginner weightlifters to becomes more confident with a barbell, learn the Olympic lifts, and have some fun! Here are the details about the program:

  • COST = $150
  • Dates - Monday May 1st - Saturday, June 24th (8 weeks)
  • Days/Times - Mondays and Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm, Saturdays @ 12 pm